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Is It Luck Or Shots Driving the Flames Hot Streak?



Like everyone else who keeps a stalker-like gaze on the Flames, I keep wondering what has changed from the "days of suck" to the current fiery winning streak. 

I can't really buy into the fact that Darryl Sutter's absence has raised the morale of every single employee in the organization.  Although from personal experience in the workplace, the departure of a constant "Debbie Downer" can definitely have some effect on the mood in the office.  It's especially important when the person is in a position of authority.  But in reality, the team still needs the talent to compete in the first place.

Kent Wilson did a great job of explaining how truly hot the Flames currently are in his latest article for The Score, while similarly questioning the idea of chemistry.

Back during the dark days of 2010, I kept looking at the Flames possession numbers and wondering how this team was losing.  Then I'd watch them play and have no faith in the talent, even though they seemed to be generating the kind of Corsi that could lead to wins.  I didn't have the cojones to make a prediction either.  Lesson learned.

Actual stats after the jump.

As Kent points out, the Flames are on an unsustainable run, but in some ways their luck is just evening out from earlier in the season.

At Christmas, the Flames possession numbers looked good, despite their miserable record.  They look even better now, which bodes well for a playoff push. 

Here are the team-level particulars according to JLikens at ObjectiveNHL at even strength with the score close.

Shot %

Fenw %

Corsi %

Shooting %

Save %


YTD at Xmas







YTD at Feb 11







That second row doesn't look like a team with a record of 18-4-5 since December 23rd.  It definitely has the makings of a team in the playoff hunt though.

To be honest, the Flames are probably getting what they deserved given how badly the bounces went the other way at the beginning of the season.  That and the addition of a powerplay that finally seems to be finding some effectiveness have probably made a huge difference.

What do you think?

by Ryan Popilchak