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Calgary Flames

Hot Coals: We Have the Best Role Players



It’s Friday, the long weekend is here, and the Flames have the best damn role players in the league according to Matthew Coller of Hockey Prospectus.

The Flames role players had the best GVT of any team in the NHL last season, followed by Boston, Tampa Bay, Montreal and Detroit.  Babchuk, Moss and Jackman all did quite well in the minutes they were given last year.

Given Justin's excellent write-up of Kipper's struggles, I though it might be fun to see a few older articles from M&G discussing Kipper.

1.  In March, Hayley penned this post on whether it matters if Kipper is elite anymore.

2.  In our Rebuild Roundtable back in January, I advocated trading Kipper, and got skewered.  Good Times.

There's been a bit of talk around the web of Zherdev wanting to play for the Jets.  He'd be a decent bet for the Flames as well since he'd likely come cheap.

The Sabres are almost $4m over the Cap. Brad Boyes would be a fun 1-year gamble if Hagman can be moved. If the get close to the deadline and can’t make a deal, maybe he could be had for cheap.

Speaking of dumping salary, I wish Feaster could have beat Lucky Lou to the punch as the Devils dumped Brian Rolston's nasty cap hit on the Isles.

Finally, Kent Wilson coins another stellar analogy to explain Corsi to the uninitiated. I love the lottery ticket method.

by Ryan Popilchak