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Happy Birthday To Us!



As Arik mentioned in his post yesterday, today is M&G's second birthday! 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the creator of this community Kent Wilson, SB Nation, and everyone who reads, writes, and comments here, regularly or irregularly, for helping us get this far. You all take time out of your daily routines to contribute here and that motivates me to be a better writer. I've had the pleasure of meeting some of you in person and you are all beyond wonderful people that have become good friends. 

I've been with SBN for almost a year now and have enjoyed every moment of it; sometimes it has been challenging and as a fan, it can be hard to remove yourself from the emotional highs and lows that come with following a particular team, but the best thing about this network is that it's alright to let some of that shine through in your writing. I've learned so much in the past eleven months and recently enjoyed the opportunity to attend the Heritage Classic as accredited media, an incredible experience that I am so grateful for. I look forward to the year ahead of us and everything it brings this way. 

Here's to many more hilarious Game Threads, great conversations, and who knows, maybe even an appearance or two in the second round of the playoffs ahead! 

Go Flames. 

by Hayley Mutch