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Calgary Flames

Glencross Avoids Suspension Like Kipper Avoids Pucks



According to John Shannon of Sportsnet, Curtis Glencross will only be fined $2500 for his boarding of Minnesota Wild player Clayton Stoner. This is both terrific for the Flames and completely godawful for, well, everyone else.

The fact is, it was a dangerous play. It was a stupid play. And while I always want the best for the Calgary Flames and the players on the Flames, this was just a terrible decision on the part of Colin Campbell. Here’s the play for those who haven’t seen it:

Curtis Glencross Destroyed Clayton Stoner – Full Severe Hit [20/01/11] (via Admiratusports)

While I’m a Flames fan, I’m a hockey fan first and foremost. Leveling only a tiny fine at Glencross for this play (if I can pay the fine, it’s a pretty small fine) tells the players that these things are A-Okay in the league’s book. Unless someone gets injured. So chalk it up there with the Tom Kostopoulos ruling as part of the bizarro world the Flames are apparently now living in with Colin Campbell.

by Arik Knapp