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Day 27 – Open Playoff Thread



Canucks vs Predators (Series 3-2 Canucks) 8:00 PM ET VERSUS (HD),CBC (HD),RDS (HD),FS-TN

The more I see the Canucks play in the playoffs, the more I think the solution to beating them is shutting down Ryan Kesler, not the Sedins, not Luongo, just Kesler. The man is single handedly dragging the Canucks forward. The Predators are hanging in tough but this man is the lynch pin, the player to checkmate, the beef in the bun, the engine in the car.

 I don't know how to put this anymore simply, Ryan Kesler must be taken out of the game. He must be neutralized. He needs to have someone skate around with him like a shadow doing nothing but getting in his face. That is there one and only job. 

Vancouver Canucks – Ryan Kesler = Playoff Elimination

The Predators are doing a lot of things right and surprising a lot of hockey analysts out there, some who were brazen enough to even predict a sweep under the assumption that the Canucks had been woken up by the Blackhawks. Joel Ward is leading the NHL in playoff goals with 7G and 4A and it would again be great to see this series go to 7.

by M Smith