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Counting Down The Hours: Tim Erixon and the “Best If Signed By Date”



If you’ve been reading any of the prospect updates here throughout the year, you’ll know that, for good reason, Tim Erixon, the young defender from Sweden (though born in NY) has become something near the top prospect in Flames organization. He plays in a pro-league, plays top minutes in said pro-league, and can be completely dominant at that level at times.

Basically- Erixon is a player to be excited about, and for great reason. But in two days, Flames fans might not have a reason to be excited about him anymore. 

Tim Erixon was drafted 23rd overall in 2009- two years ago this summer. He was basically the draft choice that resulted from trading down with Lou Lamoriello and the New Jersey Devils so that we could steal Head Coach Brent Sutter from them. Given that the Flames were passing up “sure-fire prospect” Jordan Schroeder, a lot of fans were hesitant at first, but Tim Erixon has actually shown to be the better prospect long term- especially after a monster performance in the SEL playoffs this year.

There's one issue, however: he hasn't signed (or to our knowledge, even been offered) an entry level contract.

Sweden has a player transfer agreement with the NHL, which states that clubs have June 1st of the calendar year two years past the draft in which they were selected. For instance, if, oh I don't know, a Swedish defenseman were selected 23rd overall in 2009, well, the club that drafted said theoretical defenseman would have until June 1, 2011. Which is in two days.

This is a huge deal. It's not like Erixon has been a failure of a prospect in any way- he's grown in ability, size, and strength. The Flames are cap strapped, so any capable rookies will likely be needed on the team, especially capable rookies with significant ability and growth potential.

Failing to sign Tim Erixon, well, tomorrow, would be a significant mistake on the part of GM Jay Feaster. A mistake large enough that it'd make Dale Tallon's faxing boo-boo look like a trip to a land of cotton candy and coconuts. A mistake large enough to warrant immediate dismissal. 

What I'm saying is, Jay Feaster and the Flames need to sign Erixon. If they don't and he is no longer with the organization, Jay Feaster also needs to be no longer with the organization.

by Arik Knapp