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Calgary Flames Sign Two More Years of Fist Pumping Action for $1.725M



In the “News We All Assumed Was Coming Eventually” department, Henrik Karlsson has re-signed with the Flames for $1.725M over a period of two years, leaving a pretty easy cap hit of $862K. Not too shabby Feaster.

Still, the signing in and of itself is pretty much a non-story, as it's a low cap hit for low years with no clauses. A slam dunk (I'm trying to bring that back). What makes this a bigger story is the following quote:

Jason Deforest


Of course, on Twitter people quickly jumped to conclusions, asking about Miikka being traded or the organization giving up on Goalie of the Future Leland Irving, who's had a total of one(!) above average season in the AHL.

Said Feaster on such nonsense:


Clearly the number one goalie talk was just the organization paying a compliment to a player who could've likely found a backup job elsewhere should he have chosen to. 

I'd be remiss if I failed to end the article with the greatest song known to mankind, but apparently the song is gone from YouTube, unless someone can find a new link. 

by Arik Knapp