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Calgary Flames

BREAKING: Robyn Regehr Asked To Waive NMC For Buffalo



In today’s edition of “What, really?”, Flames stay at home defenseman Robyn Regehr, has been asked by GM Jay Feaster to waive his NTC for the Buffalo Sabres.

 That the Flames are trying to move someone, should come as no surprise. That it's the first big trade of the offseason in the entire NHL is a significant surprise. I've mentioned Reggie as a prime candidate for a trade for a while now, due to not being the best skater, having a decent reputation with some GMs (and a poor one with others, strangely enough), and having an absurdly expensive D corps.

So what could the return possibly be? My money says 16th overall pick, maybe with a prospect. That same money also says Jay Feaster will try and package those together to move up in the draft, but who knows. Other targets (possibly in packages, since we don’t know who or what else could be moving from the Flames) could be Roy, Ennis, Luke Adam, and a few other odds and ends.

Stay tuned folks- off-season with the Calgary Flames might be painful, might be horrifying, but is certainly never dull.

by Arik Knapp