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Pension Plan Puppets Weighs In on Ex-Leafs



Here’s the new Flames scouting report from the horses mouth:

Niklas Hagman

 From Calgary's point of view Hagman might be the most important player in this deal. He's already got 20 goals this year after breaking 20 last season and he's still signed for 2 more years at only $3M per. Consider him Cliff Fletcher's apology for fleecing Doug Risebrough.

He'll also fit in with Calgary's defensive efforts and Bob McKenzie suggested he'd partner Jokinen on a line so maybe he can get some more out of that enigma (I doubt it – ed).


Poor Matt Stajan. He's gone from being tried out as Phil Kessel's centreman to, again Bob McKenzie, trying out for a role with Iginla. Stajan was a divisive figure himself. He had his defenders but most don't think that he has the quality to be a top 2 centreman on a cup contender. Hopefully we'll get to see how he does in the playoffs this year.


He's a decent skater and has good hockey sense. He is pillow soft and has a tendency to shift momentum in games with big hits. Sorry, that should read 'by being on the receivng end of big hits'. But if you check out those two fanposts I think you'll find enough to like.



Well, Ian White has gone from a healthy scratch the first 11 games of last year to the centrepiece of a deal for Dion Phaneuf. He’s small but he plays much bigger than he used to when he had issues with giveaways as a result of trying to avoid contact. You can check out the BtN stats but the summary is that he’s a hell of a defender.

Word is that he is looking for about $3.5M a year as an RFA so that might eat up most of the cap savings that you guys made with the trade and it should also give you a ball park for Matt Stajan.



This guy sucks.

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by Kent Wilson