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Calgary Flames

Flames/Blues Post-Game: The Great Depression




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Blues vs Flames coverage

The Flames have scored more than 3 goals once in their last 13 games.

Jarome Iginla is mired in perhaps the worst drought of the last decade.

The PP is amongst the worst in the league.

The Flames are currently in 9th place and battling with the Red Wings for the final play-off spot. They have a negative goal differential.

There's no real good news in Flamesland right now. The forwards managed to generate some chances after they went down by a goal or two, but many of them were shot wide or into a block. Story of the last two months for this club. Clear looks at the net are rare. None of the money players up front can seemingly do anything of note. The bounces are going universally in the wrong direction. Things are bound to turn around to some degree, because the SH% is below what could reasonably expected of an AHL squad right now.

There's not much left to say at this point. We have to sit back and wait to see if this storm blows over.

by Kent Wilson