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Now that Kent has passed on his news (see below), it’s as good a time as any to introduce myself as the newest contributor to Matchsticks and Gasoline. Kent was kind enough to note to me that since my typical comment is almost as long as one by RO or Lawrence (if nowhere near as sage), I might as well join the team! I haven’t had a chance to talk with Kent, or Robert, or RO in any detail to determine where I’ll fit in. Since I typically record all the games and watch them late, perhaps I can look for certain things and highlight them in post game threads (or I can closely analyze the number of Telus ads and figure out if the goat is capable of expanding its repertoire). I certainly can share opinions (like the one that I haven’t noticed Dion Phaneuf is gone yet).

So, although I have no illusions about filling the hole created by Kent taking his insights (primarily) elsewhere, I look forward to contributing to M&G. Living so remote from Calgary now, I was very happy to discover the burgeoning on-line community of Flame fans over the past few years. Stumbling upon Five Hole Fanatics (and through FHF, also Battle of Alberta and Hit the Post and others) was eye-opening for me – it allowed me the opportunity to think about watching the Flames in a new way. Because of these blogs, and eventually M&G, I enjoyed watching the Flames even more, win or lose, just to share the experience with all of you who read this site. So, let’s keep it going.

By the way, in case anyone cares, my name is Kelly Mamer, I'm a Saskatchewan export now living in San Diego, I've been a Flames fan since the first second they set foot in Calgary (and in fact was a fan of the Atlanta Flames – long story – and Calgary Cowboys of the WHA).  If anyone wants to discuss how the Flames were the 2nd best team in the NHL from 1983-1988, I'd be happy to have that discussion. 


If anyone has suggestions on regular features you may like to see, please pass them along in the comments and we'll see where this goes.

by Kelly Mamer