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Will Brent Sutter actually play McGrattan?



The answer, perhaps unfortunately, is yes. I was wondering to what degree the McGrattan signing was Darryl adding to the roster without regard for what his new coach may or may not like. Looking at the Devils line-up the last two years, it’s likely Brent was on board with this addition however…

In 07/08, Rupp, Asham and Clarkson all played most of the year and all managed 8+ majors. Asham and Clarkson are fairly functional hockey players outside of fighting however, so one can reasonably exclude them from the "goon" category. Rupp – not so much. Six foot five, 230 pounds, he never gets more than 10 minutes a night and is usually good for triple digit PIM's every year.

Rupp's games played actually went up the next season under Sutter, probably due to the loss of Asham to free agency. His fighting majors (16) and PIM (136) increased accordingly. In 72 games, he averaged under 9 minutes a night and was the most sheltered regular skater on the squad.

So…yeah. Unless McGrattan's "other issues" act up, we can expect to hold our breath and hope the puck isn't iced during his shift for some 70 or so games this year.

by Kent Wilson