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Sutter draft review



Certain organizations have certain draft habits under certain GM’s. The Red Wings have famously concentrated some 30% of their choices in Sweden under Ken Holland’s reign, far more than any other NHL squad. Last year in preparation for the 08 entry draft, I took a look at the Flames proclivities under Sutter. Specifically, where was the org drafting from? At the time, the totals were:

WHL – 16
OHL – 9
NCAA – 1
Swe – 3
Swiss – 1
Fin – 1

The previous crop, which included Nemisz (OHL), Wahl (WHL), Bouma (WHL), Brodie (OHL), Larson (USHL), Grantham (WHL) and Deilert (Swe) was pretty much in line with established draft habits, so we can no doubt expect to see a bunch of Canadian boys with the odd Swede or American thrown into the mix again this June. The Flames haven't bothered to draft a single Slovak or Russian under Sutter and, with the KHL poaching as many native born sons as possible these days, there's little chance of that changing. Other things to look for: players with size, players with letters on their jersey and probably a goalie since the org hasn't chosen a puck stopper since taking Irving back in '06.  

With this stuff in mind and considering the Flames are keeping their first rounder this season (approx 20th overall), we can start taking a look at the club's potential targets leading up to the big day…

by Kent Wilson