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Jarome’s match-ups



We're three games in and both coaches have had the opportunity to control the match-ups at home. As such, with inspiration from Mirtle, I figure it may be instructive to take a look at who has played against Iginla thus far, especially given the big guys ho hum output. If Calgary wants to go any further than a single win in this series, an effective Jarome is a must going forward.

First, I'll label each section with the name of the controlling coach. Obviously Keenan and Quenneville might want different match-ups, so it's important to know who had last change when looking at this stuff.

For added context*, here's Iginla's advanced ES stats thus far.

*(caveat – looks like there's an issue with the numbers. Desjardins has Leopold without an ES goal against, for example, even though we all know he was on the ice for the game winner in the game 1 in OT. Also, keep in mind we're talking really small samples here)


Jarome Iginla:

Duncan Keith – 85%

Brent Seabrook – 79%

Andrew Ladd – 63%

Dave Bolland – 52%

Martin Havlat – 44%

Sami Pahlsson – 30%

Dustin Byfuglien – 29%

Patrick Kane – 16%

Jonathan Toews – 16%

Patrick Sharp – 15%

Kris Versteeg – 14%

Brian Campbell – 13%

Matt Walker – 9%

Troy Brouwer – 9%

Niklas Hjamarlsson – 8%

Adam Burish – 7%

Cam Barker – 6%

Ben Eager – 5%

This is the percentage of ES minutes each player spent vs Jarome over the two games in CHI. I think it gives us a pretty clear picture of who Quenneville was using to shut Iginla down and who he was sheltering.


Jarome Iginla

Duncan Keith – 72%

Brent Seabrook – 63%

Andrew Ladd – 47%

Martin Havlat – 43%

Dave Bolland – 41%

Sami Pahlsson – 35%

Dustin Byfuglien – 28%

Patrick Shark – 28%

Jonathan Toews – 27%

Brian Campbell – 23%

Kris Versteeg – 22%

Troy Brouwer – 20%

Niklas Hjamarlsson – 15%

Cam barker – 11%

Adam Burish – 11%

Colin Fraser – 0.6%

Ben Eager – 0.6%

Nothing really changed for Iginla on home ice. He still saw the same players about as frequently. There was a bit less Keith/Seabrook but the difference was nominal. So, either Quenneville is a line-matching machine, or Keenan isn't that concerned about getting Jarome away from these match-ups. Considering the Captain's results thus far, maybe he should be though. Keith, Seabrook, Ladd, Bolland and Havlat have limited Iginla to 0 ES points and a corsi/60 rating of -20.3 through three contests. You don't get any more neutralized than that. 

Source: Here's game 1, game 2 and game 3 for those curious about other ice-times/match-ups.

by Kent Wilson