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Game Three Review




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Might as well get to the post game while it's still fresh:

Good stuff:

– Flames finally got the majority of the bounces, perhaps for the first time in the last few weeks. Puck luck on probably 3 of the Flames four goals, plus the Hawks hit 4 posts I believe. This isn't an asterisk on the win – bounces are part of the game – but it sure can alter your perception of a teams performance.

– The third line was fantastic in it's various iterations, but especially once Conroy got back between Moss and Glencross. They carried the play a lot in the third and had a hand in 3 of the 4 goals. Moss+Glencross had 4 points, +4 and 7 shots on net between them.

– The blueline held up relatively well, with Sarich's return obviously helping a lot. Kudos to him for playing through the injury.

– Kipper played his best game of the series thus far, obviously.

– Nice to score more than 2 goals on Khabibulin and break that goose-egg against the Hawks overall.

– Jokinen actually looked like a handful for the Hawks after his dreadful first few shifts. I'd say he was one of the best of the Flames "top 6" forwards.

the bad:

– Most of the money forwards struggled, relative to the support guys, even though they were on home ice. Iginla especially can't seem to elevate his game anywhere near the eite status we've come to expect. Two shots, a -1 rating and the second worst corsi on the club this evening. Langkow/Cammalleri weren't particularly effective either.

– Somewhat related: the PP is still rather impotent. Lots of problems gaining the zone and generating pressure with the man advantage. Might just be a lost cause, at least for this season.

– Discipline. Some qustionable calls in there (and misses), but Flames took too many needless penalties this evening. Lots of stick infractions and offensive zone minors.

Nice to get one under the belt. The Hawks looked to be taking over by my eye in the second period again, but Calgary got a lucky one and then poured on the pressure in the 3rd (rather than sitting back). If the club could get one (or more) of Jarome/Cammalleri/Langkow going like they can, they could turn this into a long series for CHI. Also, does Burish get suspended for his last minute two-hander on Bourque?

by Kent Wilson