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Calgary Flames

Flames/Red Wings post game



– Osgood must have bet on the Flames. Or he's terrible. Which is more comforting for Wings fans?

– Nice to be on the other end of a bad goaltending performance for a change. The truth of the matter is though, the Flames lose this game if Conklin (or almost anyone else for that matter) starts. They were outplayed pretty handily at ES last night. That's the 2nd straight night Jarome Iginla has been in the red in terms of possession – on home ice no less, which is not very encouraging. And pairing Phaneuf with Vandermeer for most of the evening didn't work at all. 

– Another issue was how inattentive to match-ups Keenan got after the score was 3-0. He started rolling 4 lines with almost total disregard with what Babcock was doing and it resulted in a number of Datsyuk vs. Peters shifts in the second period (and 2 goals against). That's not something that should happen on home ice, excepting maybe an icing call here or there.

– Kudos to the Flames Langkow and Conroy lines who not only made the most of their chances, but were the least "under water" trios by the corsi measure.

– David Moss lead Flames forwards in ice time (20+ minutes). Yay!

by Kent Wilson