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2009 Free Agency open thread



This worked well for the draft, so let's get it going for "Christmas in July" as well. To understand some of the insanity of what will soon transpire, take a peek at this link. Now, I'm (reasonably) sure NHL GM's aren't out there bidding against themselves, but the point is the mania of an auction atmosphere can make people do crazy things. Even ostensibly smart people like professional executives. Part of the fun for me every year at this time is waiting to crown the worst contract of the summer – lured by the sweet siren song of superstar, at least one GM always ends up crashing his boat on the rocks…right Glen?

From a Flames perspective, the next few days are simple – sign Bouwmeester, sign Pardy. If one or both don’t happen, Sutter’s summer will get a little busier. If they do, well…we’re going to have an interesting time filling the next two months around here.

Feel free to add your own comments and thoughts as the deals pour in.

by Kent Wilson