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Calgary Flames

Recap: Calgary Flames (4) @ Boston Bruins (6)



Final Score: Calgary Flames lose 6-4 to Boston Bruins at TD Garden.

Pre-game notes:

Calgary Flames are without David Rittich (G), who is still out as precautionary, nursing his lower body injury. Which means that Mike Smith (G), coming off of a win vs. Detroit, gets his 2nd straight start in back-to-back road games for the Flames.

Jaroslov Halak (G) gets the start for Boston Bruins, as Tuukka Rask (G) sits this one out.

Game Preview


1st period action. SOG (11) Flames – (9) Bruins.

The Flames came out with some speed at the start of the game, able to ward off the killer B’s by occupying time in the attack zone. Not for long though, as Frolik is sent off for tripping Krejci, and soon after Lindholm takes a double minor for a high stick on Marchand.

Frolik (9) opens up the scoring, coming out of the penalty box, and able to capitalize on Jankowski’s second rebound past Halak. Jankowski getting ahead with some speed on the Flames PK. 1-0 Flames.

John Moore (2) PP goal ties the game up for the Bruins, with :43 still left on the Lindholm penalty. Smith lets in a bad goal, as Bruins cycle the puck, and Moore recognizes Smith leaning left with the far side opening. Smith is paranoid and loves to hug the post.

The 1st period ends with another Bruins goal, this time off a point shot from Krejci, Jake DeBrusk (12) getting a handle on it, past Mike Smith to make it a 2-1 Bruins game.

Smith was saved by the post once during the 5-on-3 Bruins powerplay, and Halak was able to wave off an early breakaway by Johnny Gaudreau.

2nd period. Consecutive SOG (21) Flames – (20) Bruins.

Reminiscent of the 1st period, Johnny breaks away again, gets a shot away, rebound and Lindholm (20) gets a stick on it, pushing the puck sitting at the foot of Halak past the goal line. The play hadn’t been stopped, and Halak wasn’t able to freeze the puck. Which means IT’S A GOOD GOAL! 2-2 TIE GAME a minute into the 2nd period.

Well, that was some short-lived excitement. Marchand (14) sneaks in a goal, glove side to make it 3-2 Bruins off of a long shot by Krug, under a minute after the Flames tie.

Zdeno Chara is a monster, sits for 2 for cross-checking, as Frolik the recipient winces on the Flames bench. Smith almost giving away a wrap around SH Bruins goal – as Flames fans hold their breath.

The Flames get their second PP of the game, but unfortunately James Neal flakes on the best chance of the PP, and subsequently the Bruins take a too many men on the ice penalty with a bad line change. This time the Flames with the 5-on-3, to no avail, and ending with a scary 3-on-1 the other way on Smith, and nobody scores.

The 2nd period ends with an uneventful 1 minute man advantage for the Flames, that turns into a 4-on-4 for the last 7 seconds. Continuing to the 3rd period with both Marchand (cross-checking) and Lindholm (interference) in the hotbox.

3rd period. Consecutive SOG (37) Flames – (26) Bruins

4-2 Boston takes a 2 goal lead on a PP goal, within a minute of the 3rd, Pastrnak (25) with the lethal back hand, Krug with his second assist of the game – this time off the boards straight to Pastrnak’s stick.

Johnny (23) is a magician, with another acute angle shot, turn goal as it ricochets off the corner post and into the net. Putting the Flames within 1, 4-3 score with ten minutes to spare.

DeBrusk (13) strips the Flames and puts another one past sitting duck Mike Smith. 5-3 Bruins lead.

Backlund (9) at 3:33 clock. 3 goals in 2 of the last 3 games for #11. 5-4 Flames still behind.

Marchand (15) EN nail in the coffin, after a staggering last attempt by the Flames goes off the post. 6-4 Bruins game.

Bruins having a hard time hitting the breaks – twice they’ve crashed the net off the pegs. Smith out of sorts losing his helmet. Recall, in the warm up Mike Smith took a hard practice shot by teammate Backlund, shaken up but still in net.

Final Thoughts:

Mike Smith is 2nd tier, and unfit as backup goalie. The Flames ran out of purple gaterade, but we can’t blame the lack of electrolytes for the loss that was handed to them tonight.

The good news: Calgary Flames are still division leaders.

Miscellaneous news: Krejci was left off the scoreboard on his sons birth date, but did register two assists.

The Flames are 1-1 on their east coast road trip, with 2 games remaining.

Next up: Philly Flyers (Saturday 11am MT) and Chicago Blackhawks (Monday 6:30pm MT)

by Renu Sahota