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Calgary Flames

Flames at Montreal Gamethread



It was noted last time these two teams met that it's been a homer series between Montreal and Calgary the last couple of seasons: each team seems to dominate the other in their own barn. That pattern held when Montreal visited Calgary already this year, so I guess we have to wish for a reversal.

Stuff to watch for:

– Boyd and Moss have been silent recently. They've played solid enough to avoid being liabilities, but haven't really shown up otherwise. It'd be nice to see at least one or the other get back on the scoresheet, since Langkow et al can't be expected to do everything every night.

– The Canadiens have problems everywhere: up front, their depth is thin beyond the Smurf line, on the back-end they have injuries to major pieces and the goaltending has been sub-par. That said, Cammalleri et al are no joke and will be a handful given how many soft targets the Flames will present now that they lack Curtis Glencross.

– Over/under on Brian McGrattan ice-time = 2 minutes. With the Oilers losing Steve MacIntyre, the lone remaining heavy weight in the NW division is Derek Boogaard. At what point does the Flames paying (let alone dressing) McGrattan become ridiculous? George Laraques has fallen out of favor in MTL as well, so there’s a good chance McGrattan won’t find a dance partner tonight either.

Let the Jokinen drinking game commence.

by Kent Wilson