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Calgary Flames

Islanders @ Flames – Preseason game the second



7PM, Calgary

Opponent: Lighthouse Hockey


Robert has all the angles covered in the pregame. I’ll only add that, as cynical as I am about all this furor over Fleury, I would be thrilled to see the guy manage anything more than keep his head above water this evening. I’d imagine the ‘Dome will sound like an OT play-off goal celebration if he can manage to put one in.

Other stuff I’m interested in: how Regehr and Bouwmeester look together, Dawes’ “second chance” at a first impression, David Van Der Gulik’s performance and how comfortable Backlund looks (he was in way over his head at this time last year). Not much to recommend the Islanders who have yet to release an official roster for this evening – all I know is Tavares won’t be playing. Aside from him and maybe Josh Bailey and Kyle Okposo, there isn’t a lot to get excited about.

That said, it’s a shame the game isn’t on the tube tonight. I appreciate the online feed, but much of the detail and nuance is lost.

by Kent Wilson