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Calgary Flames

The Morning After Vegas

What happened in Vegas SHOULD stay in Vegas.



Here’s the rest of the best of what wasn’t covered in the Recap or Rate The Flames from Calgary’s 4-0 loss to the Vegas Golden Knights.

Mike Smith

Whether it’s the defence or potentially a lingering injury or a combination of both, Mike Smith doesn’t look like the guy who the Flames were riding to success earlier in the season. He’s probably been overused, but he hasn’t been sharp lately. He’s lost 3 of the 4 games he’s started since coming back and Smith has surrendered 10 goals in his last 2 starts.

How Many Shots Does It Take To Score?

No, seriously. We’re asking because the Flames can’t get the job done. Calgary fired 42 shots at Marc-Andre Fleury on Sunday. And 20 of those 42 came in the first period. 42 shots, 0 goals. That’s not a recipe for success.

Dougie Penalty Leads To A Goal

Dougie Hamilton seems to take an inordinate amount of dumb penalties. Today he took another and it lead to a PPG. It needs to be researched just how many times that happens because it seems like a lot.

Playoff Update (Ugh)

The Flames loss on Sunday puts them 4 points behind Anaheim and 6 points behind Colorado for the final Wild Card spots. They still have to leap frog Dallas (who thankfully lost on Sunday) and St. Louis. But let’s face it, we probably can eliminate this part of The Morning After by the middle of this week.

Highlight Of The Night

Post Game Reaction

by Mark Parkinson