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Calling the Flames’ Owners Bluff – Nenshi better Ante Up

The Calgary Flames need a new home (period).



Ken King & co. still holding a grudge

Once again in his “full disclosure” King fails to mention one of the key reasons his dreams of a ‘West Village’ arena plan fell through the cracks of the Earth – literally.

See Part 1 for Creosote contamination of CSE proposed land, flood hazards, & environmental remediation costs. 

Victoria Park looking attractive

Both sides – City (public) & Owners (private) – want the same thing, sort of. 

For the Flames’ owners (FO’s) – Time is Money.  They want a new arena, and they want it NOW.

On the other hand – some may view Nenshi as dawdling, but from my research – the Mayor of Calgary has some holistic views, and it includes bringing life to the much neglected east portion of the city’s downtown core.  

CMLC has already done some great work in revitalizing ‘East Village’, which saw charbar restaurant hosting the Junos after party this past year.

Nenshi wants the owners to put their money where their mouth is and “share in the upside too” – more money, more problems plays in the background.

One of the fine prints of the Victoria Park Arena proposal would be a land swap between the stampede committee & the city. (Read Part 1).

-if I were to throw a dart in the dark;

The owners want a rent-free arena, while the city remains responsible for the caretaking – Calgary flood flashbacks.  Two negatives don’t always make a positive 

Renovations on Olympic Plaza can wait until a new arena for the Flames is underway.  However, I like the idea of an underground parkade to pay for the plaza 

But then again, I was never that good at darts, and don’t own night goggles – yet.  

I’m a fan of the ‘ceremonial blvd’- See Nenshi's information filled campaign clip.

Western showdown – not so big guns

Gary Bettman and his gun holster show up to back up big bad wolf Burkie as he huffs and he puffs and tries to blow the Saddledome down!!

All of this news coming – from both sides – ahead of a municipal election.  Sounds like the FO’s want to dethrone Nenshi.  

As for the (mayorless)-Seattle KeyArena $660M redevelopment "news" – the timing couldn’t have been better for Kings statement of stalemate.

All I hear is “Super Super, Super Sonics” swish – over the past echoes of beastmode touchdown ground rumblings.  The market for NBA is bigger than the NHL in Seattle, because of it’s past.  Besides most Seattle Seahawks fans are Vancouver Canucks fans and vice versa – you can’t mess with that fan base.  

Fears of losing a NHL team due to lack of public funding is a nightmare Winnipeg Jets fans know too well.  Ice was moved to the desert – enter ’96 Phoenix Coyotes.  You think King and fam got a hold of the 'yotes playbook while vacationing there. 

Vegas Golden Knights are a thing now, and Nashville did end up with a NHL team while seeking a NBA team .. for those of you who are 'Sleepless in Seattle', because all you could think about is the homeless Calgary Flames .. right.  

Battle of Alberta

Let's not forgot about our friendly neighbours, the Edmonton Oilers.  Do you think they’ll want their long time foe to depart – I think not.  Pretty sure the money flows uphill in this matter as well – both sides happy – steep slope. 

Ante up for your Aunty Nenshi

The Calgary Flames need a new home (period). 

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by Renu Sahota