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09 NHL Mock Draft



Mirtle has a post up describing SB Nation's Mock draft extravaganza leading up to the actual day itself. I could talk about it myself, but why waste his good efforts?

Beginning next Friday in Montreal, all 30 NHL clubs are set to convene at the entry draft and plot a course for the future. And, with the help of blogs for every team, we here at SB Nation are about to offer some thoughts of our own leading up to the big day.

Starting tomorrow, in the 10 days leading up to the draft, SBN bloggers will unveil three picks a day in our 2009 NHL Mock Draft. On Day 1, for instance, our Islanders blog Lighthouse Hockey will pick first, followed by the Tampa gang at Raw Charge and the Avs writers at Mile High Hockey.

The rest of the schedule is as follows:

June 17: Thrashers, Kings, Coyotes
June 18: Leafs, Stars, Senators
June 19: Oilers, Predators, Wild
June 20: Sabres, Panthers, Ducks
June 21: Blue Jackets, Blues, Canadiens
June 22: Rangers, Flames, Flyers
June 23: Canucks, Devils, Capitals
June 24: Bruins, Islanders, Hurricanes
June 25: Blackhawks, Red Wings, Penguins
June 26: NHL draft begins in Montreal

I'll continue to put up overviews of potential picks as the 22nd draws near. I figure it'll be fun to make a "draft list" by throwing up a poll at some point to see which guy you'd like to see picked. The top voted player will be chosen – unless he's not on the board anymore, which means the next most popular skater will get taken. And so on. Mirtle will have a summary once all is said and done.

by Kent Wilson