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NHL All-Star Skills Competition Recap

The 2017 NHL All-Stars put their skills to display in L.A.



Skills Challenge Relay

Metropolitan Division picked up 2 points with the fastest time of 1:21:70 and Central Division picked up 1 point with a time of 1:44:03.

Overall Score: Metropolitan 2, Central 1, Atlantic 0, Pacific 0

Four Line Challenge (New)

Brent Burns hit top corner from the centre line and Arizona Coyotes goaltender Mike Smith hit the five-hole from the far goal line for 20 points to give the Pacific Division the blowout win.

Competition Score: Pacific 23, Metropolitan 1, Central 0, Atlantic 0

Overall Score: Metropolitan 2, Central 1, Pacific 1, Atlanta 0

Accuracy Shooting

Auston Matthews rattled off four targets in just 12.28 seconds which everyone thought would stand up as the winner until Sidney Crosby came right after Matthews and hit all four targets in just 10.73 seconds to give the Metropolitan Division the win.

Overall Score: Metropolitan 4, Pacific 3, Central 1, Atlantic 1

Fastest Skater

All skaters were in the 13-14 second range with Connor McDavid taking the title this year with the fastest time of 13.020 seconds for the bonus point for the Pacific.

Overall Score: Pacific 5, Metropolitan 4, Atlantic 3, Central 2

Hardest Shot

No surprise here as Shea Weber once again had the hardest shot of 102.8mph to give the Pacific a bonus point.

Overall Score: Pacific 6, Atlantic 5, Metropolitan 5, Central 3


The Atlantic won the shootout despite the best efforts of Ryker Kesler (Ryan Kesler’s son) who was the only shooter to score on the Atlantic goalies when he scored on Carey Price.

Competition Score: Atlantic 4, Pacific 2

by BizzleJ