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Johnny Gaudreau is Signed! Reportedly 6 Years, $40.5 M

Unreal deal on salary, term is not bad either.



Johnny is back! The Calgary Flames have re-signed Johnny Gaudreau to a 6 year, $40.5M deal with a $6.75M AAV. Just in time for the start of the regular season.

While this contract negotiation dragged on for far longer than anybody could have ever wanted, Gaudreau has been re-signed. The deal is long-term and the annual average salary is extremely reasonable for a player of his caliber. A 6 year contract takes him through his first year of eligibility for unrestricted free agency, making the fact that he earned less than $7M even more surprising. The supposed restriction of nobody making more than Giordano must have had more substantiation than had been assumed by many, as evidenced by the fact Gaudreau will be making the exact same amount of money a season as Giordano. Having Gaudreau signed at such a reasonable deal will ensure that Brad Treliving will have the financial flexibility to build a strong team around Gaudreau in trying to build a team to win the Stanley Cup.

With Gaudreau signed, he will likely join the team right away and be in the line up for the first game of the season on Wednesday, against the Oilers. Starting the season with Gaudreau in the line up inspires much greater feelings of hope than playing without him. Glad to have you around for many more years, Johnny.

We will have more on this in the hours and days to come, Happy Thanksgiving, all.

by samwell9