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Sean Monahan Shares a Secret as Gaudreaugate Continues

Best buddy and linemate Sean Monahan may have let it slip that Johnny is close to signing.



There are all kinds of rumours floating around regarding Johnny Gaudreau and the Calgary Flames. From him and his agent asking for numbers north of $7 Million down to Johnny ditching Calgary and heading to greener pastures in New England (Boston area).

On Sunday Johnny’s agent, Lewis Gross, put to rest some of the rumours at least, stating that Gaudreau’s passion for hockey and his love for Calgary has him focused on staying in Flames colours. Gross basically said the puck is in the Flames’ end now because the last time they and the Flames talked was September 9th and that they were waiting for a call back.

Meanwhile, Flames’ GM Brad Treliving isn’t too keen on having all this “play out in the press” as stated by columnist Eric Francis in a recent Calgary Sun article.

The argument comes down to this: Johnny has looked like a superstar the last two seasons and is clearly one of those players that was born with the natural instinct and ability to play the game at a whole other level than most. Problem is, he has only been in the league for two seasons and to give him a huge contract would mean stepping on some toes of some big names that have been around a while that aren’t getting big money.

One thing we all know now from all the hype and articles is that Johnny and his agent don’t have a skate to stand on right now. Gaudreau can’t be offered anything from any other teams and he has no arbitration rights so his only options are to sign, or hold out.

In the article, Francis also suggests that Gaudreau should follow the example of Captain Mark Giordano and be more reasonable in his salary expectations to better the team.

Earlier in the off-season, Johnny’s bestie and linemate Sean Monahan signed a deal for around $6.375 million per season and Monahan may have tipped everyone off when he let it slip that he had talked to Johnny recently and that he would be signing soon.

by BizzleJ