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New Technology To Be Unveiled at WCOH



We all new ads on the jerseys was coming at some point and today it was announced in a press conference that SAP will be a sponsor on the WCOH jerseys. What’s more interesting and came out of that press conference is the tech that will installed in the pucks AND the jerseys at the WCOH in Toronto this Fall.

A chip will be placed in both the puck and near the name plate of the players jerseys. This tech will track various things (speed, ice time, etc) and be relayed to the viewer at home. Fox originally had the “glowing puck” which was a very early and fairly unsuccessful attempt at chip/puck technology. It’s unclear if this will be a success or not (it was attempted at the 2015 NHL All Star Game), but hockey is now giving it’s fans another way to interact with the sport during games.

The World cup of Hockey begins on September 17 in Toronto.

by Mark Parkinson