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89 Champs: Where Are They Now: Rick Wamsley

Rick Wamsley has had key roles in different NHL organizations since retiring.



Rick Wamsley had a very effective NHL career, most of it as a back up goal tender. Wamsley played 5 years for the Calgary Flames, including the 1988-89 season where he and Mike Vernon backstopped the Flames to the Stanley Cup title. Wamsley appeared in 35 games that season, sporting a respectable 17-11-4 record.

Wamsley’s biggest impact on Flames fans comes from how he came to Calgary. The Flames always seem to end up on the short end of deals and this one is no different. Wamsley and Rob Ramage came to Calgary in a 1987-88 trade with the St. Louis Blues. Both players helped the Flames win the Cup in 1989, but it’s who the Flames sent to St. Louis that makes this trade so uneven: Brett Hull. Ugh.

After leaving the Flames during the 1991-92 season he spent two very forgettable seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs, only appearing in 11 games in 91-92 and 92-93.

Since retiring after the 92-93 season, Wamsley has served as a pro and amateur scout with the Maple Leafs and also as an assistant coach under Pat Burns. He also served as a goal tending scout and coach with the St. Louis Blues and Columbus Blue Jackets. His last NHL gig came as the goal tending coach for the Ottawa Senators which he was assigned to in 2010.

by Mark Parkinson