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Calgary Flames

89 Champs: Where Are They Now: Hakan Loob

Loob left Calgary in 89, but his success continued overseas.



Hakan Loob played 6 season with the Calgary Flames from 1983-1989. He was a member of the ‘89 team which won the Stanley Cup and he also played on the 1986 team which lost to the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup Finals. Loob had an extremly productive career with the Flames pouring in 193 goals and 236 assists over a 450 game span.

Loob left the NHL after the 1989 season and returned home to Sweden to play until 1996. He won a gold medal in 1991 representing Sweden in the World Championships and collected a gold medal in the 1994 Olympic games with Sweden as well. After retiring from professional hockey in 1996, Loob was promoted to GM of Färjestad, a position he held for 11 years and won 4 titles in that time. He was also given the role of Team President in 2008.

by Mark Parkinson