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Calgary Flames

Flames To Bring Back Blasty As Third Jersey For 2022-23

The Flames are bringing the fan favourite back for the season.



The worst kept secret in the NHL was announced today by the Calgary Flames: Blasty is back.

The organization let the world know that Blasty will be coming back for the 2022-23 season as a third jersey, not as a RR. The jersey is basically the same as the one they brought back/adjusted for the 2020-21 season. The only change is the addition of some dark colored flames by the bottom of the sleeve cuffs, which honestly, takes away from the jersey as opposed to adding to it.

The Flames will wear these jerseys 13 times on the season, starting on November 29th for a tilt with the Florida Panthers.

What, I think, everyone was expecting today was either an announcement of the next Flames Captain or possibly another uniform release, like the next Reverse Retro. Now, it's not even assured that Calgary have a RR this season (though rumours were running rampant that the Pedestal may make a comeback), but it wouldn't be a huge surprise if more fashion news come from the team soon. The good news is the greatest jersey (or a version of the greatest jersey) is back for the season!

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by Mark Parkinson