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2021 Flames Report Card: Andrew Mangiapane

It’s going to be fun to see what Mangiapane can do over a full 82 game schedule.



Andrew Mangiapane, Forward

56 GP, 18 G, 14 A, 32 Pts, 24 PIM, +1

55.03 CF%, 2.77 CFRel%, 58.56 xGF%, 6.58 xGFRel%

Individual Grades

MarkParkinson14: A – The Flames really have something in Andrew Mangiapane. He matched his point totals from 2019-20 in 12 less games and really made the jump into the Flames Top 5 best players on the ice. Mangiapane has this work ethic like no one else on this team, where he never takes a shift off and gives you everything he has. Add that to his ability to put the puck in the net and at times, put the team on his back and Calgary really has a player they can build around for the foreseeable future. Now, how about we get a full season of Mangiapane to see what he really can do.

MGMacGillivray: A – I think we really saw Mangiapane’s game take another big step forward in 2020-21 as he worked his way into a Top 6 role and should unquestionably be there when next season starts as well. He led the team in even strength goal scoring with 15 goals, which also tied NHL stars like Leon Draisaitl, Alex Ovechkin, and Johnathan Huberdeau. If I had to pick a player that I want the Flames culture to resemble, it would be Mangiapane with his constant effort and skill. It has been a treat to watch his development through the system to the NHL, and after watching dominate the World Championships for Team Canada while winning Gold and Tournament MVP, I’m so excited for what the next season brings for 88.

Gordie.Taylor: A

RenuSahota: A

MadelineCampbell: A Man, it really was just such a good year for Mangiapane. His production was super consistent, and that’s obviously a real plus, but the fact that, despite how much of a slog this season felt like at times, he always seemed to be active and engaged, looking to make something happen. There’s just so much to like about both his skill game and his energy, and the fact that he just seems to be starting to hit his stride should have us really excited for what he’s able to do next season.

MilhouseFirehouse: A

Readers: A

Final Grade: A

by Mark Parkinson