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2019-20 Player Report Card: Johnny Gaudreau

Gaudreau’s point totals dropped from 99 to 58



Johnny Gaudreau: Left Wing

Regular Season Stats:

70 GP, 18 G, 40 A, 58 Pts, 12 PIM, -10

Individual Grades

MGMacGillivray: (B-) We didn’t really see the long stretches of dominance over the course of this season that we had seen in previous years from Gaudreau. It seemed that he and linemate Sean Monahan really struggled to click at certain times over the season which hurt the team’s performance. He was still good no doubt, but it just wasn’t at the level of dominance we saw in 2018-19. Gaudreau also saw his shooting percentage fall to a career low 8.6% despite shooting roughly as much as he did last season. At even an average shooting percentage for his career, he would’ve had 27 goals. For me as usual I think I have to wait on settling on a final grade for Gaudreau until we see how the playoffs go.

Maddie: (B+) I think it’s fair to say that Gaudreau didn’t really live up to expectations this season, but I do still think there was a lot to like about his season, despite that. Maybe it was unfair, in retrospect, to expect him to be able to replicate last season’s success, I don’t know. But at the same time, despite the struggles he seemed to find at times, as Michael said, to find chemistry with some of his linemates and have everything click for him, I do find it kind of hard to be too fussed at the player who’s second on the team in scoring. A down year for Johnny Gaudreau is still a productive one, all the same.

Mark: (C) I think I was one more critical of Gaudreau than anyone else at the site this season. Part of it was his numbers clearly weren’t up to par with what he put up in 2018-19, but maybe he’s not a 99 point guy after all. The other part was how inconsistent and lackadaisical he looked on the ice at time. He didn’t have that same “giddy-up” to his game and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHOOT SOMEWHERE BESIDES THE FIVE HOLE! The league has clearly figured out his go to move, yet he refuses to try anything else. How many more goals would he have had if he would just shoot the damn puck somewhere else? I’m hoping some time off did Mr. Gaudreau some good and he’ll have some life in his game when the playoffs start. I’m not down on #13 as a whole, but I’m down on the inconsistent, almost checked out version that we saw so many times this season.

Flash: (B+) Limited. Restricted. Chained back. I will not be one to blame Johnny Gaudreau for his lack of offence this year. Even by league standards what he did was very good, but after a 99 point season lots of people feel he wasn’t himself. Well try going from a free-flowing offensive system to playing for a coach who literally in a press conference said “offence didn’t work for us last year, so we aren’t trying that this year”. You have an unbelievably talented LW and you put shackles on his ankles and he still produces better than the majority of the league. Even looking into JG13’s advanced numbers you can see they’ve taken a hit, but I watched enough games to know it isn’t because Johnny lost his touch, he’s just having his opportunities that he used to create taken away by a rookie coaches system. Flames fans, we’re lucky to have this guy, let’s appreciate him while he’s here.

Gordie.Taylor: (B)

RenuSahota: (B)

MilhouseFirehouse: (B+)

Fan Grade: (C+)

Final Grade: B

by Michael MacGillivray