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NHL FanPulse: It’s Time To Vote On Goal Songs!

SBN NHL has collected all of the NHL goal songs and needs you to vote and crown a champion.



SBN’s FanPulse is dropping a bracket in your laps to vote on! We are almost done with our logo bracket, but SBN Hockey has developed a Goal Song Bracket that needs your attention. Teams and their songs are seeded like a traditional bracket (1-16) and YOUR Calgary Flames are the two seed in the Western Conference. Check out the songs and seedings below and then click the link to vote on who has the best goal song in the NHL!

Eastern Conference

1. Washington Capitals: Individual Goal Songs

2. Montreal Canadiens: Canadiens’ Goal Song

3. Pittsburgh Penguins: “Jump Around” – House of Pain

4. Detroit Red Wings: “Battle Cry” – Jack White

5. New York Rangers: “Slapshot”

6. Toronto Maple Leafs: “You Make My Dreams” – Hall and Oates

7. Boston Bruins: “Zombie Nation” – Kernkraft 400

8. Buffalo Sabres: “Let Me Clear My Throat” – DJ Kool

9. Philadelphia Flyers: “Feel The Shake” – Jetboy

10. Ottawa Senators: “Song 2” – Blur

11. Carolina Hurricanes: “Raise Up” – Petey Pablo

12. New York Islanders: “Crowd Chant” – Joe Satriani

13. Florida Panthers: “Sweetness” – Jimmy Eat World

14. Columbus Blue Jackets: “The Whip” – Locksley

15. New Jersey Devils: “Howl” – The Gaslight Anthem

16. Tampa Bay Lightning: “Goons” – Mona

Western Conference

1. Chicago Blackhawks: “Chelsea Dagger” – The Fratellis

2. Calgary Flames: “TNT” – AC/DC

3. Vegas Golden Knights: “Vegas Lights” – Panic! At The Disco

4. Nashville Predators: “I Like It, I Love It” – Tim McGraw

5. Arizona Coyotes: “Howlin’ For You” – The Black Keys

6. Dallas Stars: “Puck Off” – Pantera

7. Colorado Avalanche: “Hey, Hey, Hey”

8. Vancouver Canucks: “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” – Van Halen

9. St. Louis Blues: “When the Blues Go Marching In”

10. Winnipeg Jets: “Bro Hymn” – Pennywise

11. San Jose Sharks: Individual Goal Songs

12. Edmonton Oilers: “Hell Yeah” – Rev Theory

13. Anaheim Ducks: “Bro Hymn” – Pennywise

14. Minnesota Wild: “Crowd Chant” – Joe Satriani

15. Los Angeles Kings: Individual goal songs

We’re doing a traditional 1 vs 16, 2 vs 15, 3 vs 14, etc format with the exception of Chicago who has a bye week thanks to the odd number of teams in the West.

Click HERE to join NHL FanPulse and get your vote on!!!!

by Mark Parkinson