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Calgary Flames

NHL Logo Bracket Challenge: Sweet 16 Pt.1

It’s a tough draw for the Flames in their two match-ups in this round!



NHL Logo Bracket Challenge

We’ve reached the Sweet 16! In the left half of the bracket the Calgary Flames still have two logos alive, but everyone’s loveable favorites, the Hartford Whalers, present a still test for the boys from Calgary. There were a couple of upsets from the previous round, so let’s look at how we got here and the match-ups to vote on this round!

Calgary Flames (W) vs Pittsburgh Penguins

Vancouver Canucks Skate (W) vs Quebec Nordiques

Winnipeg Jets vs Vancouver Canucks Orca (W)

Colorado Rockies vs Toronto Maple Leafs 80’s (W)

Hartford Whalers (W) vs Cleveland Barons

NY Rangers vs Calgary Flames ‘89 (W)

Montreal Canadiens (W) vs Atlanta Flames

Ottawa Senators (W) vs Winnipeg Jets 1979

Here’s what you’re voting on in the first part of the Sweet 16!

(Poll Closes 4/9)

by Mark Parkinson