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5 Questions about Derek Forbort with Jewels from the Crown

“No, my son’s name is also Forbort”



The Calgary Flames made a pair of deadline acquisitions on Monday, adding Derek Forbort from the Los Angeles Kings and Erik Gustafsson from the Chicago Blackhawks.

Today we’ll be asking five questions about Derek Forbort. The Flames acquired Forbort for a 4th round pick in 2021, but could move to a 3rd if the Flames make the WCF or re-sign him.

We’ll be talking to Robyn from Jewels from the Crown, our sister site covering the Los Angeles Kings.

1. Given the Kings other moves this week, were you expecting Forbort to get dealt as well, and did the Kings get enough for him in your opinion?

“I wasn’t necessarily expecting it because his name hasn’t really been in many trade rumors, unlike Alec Martinez, but I’m also not surprised because the Kings just went through, what felt like, a big fire sale (even though it was only five total players). Honestly, a conditional fourth-round pick is pretty good, IMO.”

2. How did the Kings use Forbort in his limited action this year and during last season?

“Since his NHL debut, he’s primarily played top-line minutes alongside Drew Doughty. Coming back from injury this year, he was still in the top four, but he only played about 18 minutes compared to his career average closer to 21 minutes.”

3. Where do you think is an ideal spot for him in a lineup? How many minutes a night do you think is a good number for him before he becomes overused?

“Probably somewhere between third and fourth pairing, depending on the opponent, who’s healthy in the lineup, and if the team is protecting a lead. He’s a decent depth player who can play as a 4-5D, but probably should not be on the ice if the team is chasing a goal.”

4. Flames fans have seen that he’s a big guy, does he frequently use his size to his advantage?

“His size does help him quite a bit when he’s on the PK because he has that long reach, but beyond that, it’s not like he’s a big, scary defenseman.”

5. Have the Kings started hunting for the next bottom pairing rental defenseman that the Flames can acquire at next year’s deadline for a 4th round pick?

“Start getting yourselves acquainted with Kurtis MacDermid. He is a lorge boy who is gritty and feisty and a little fighty. He’s an RFA this year and the Kings will more than likely sign him to some cheap contract for a few years. He has actually improved a lot beyond just being a pacefuncher, so who knows. He may be exactly what Calgary is looking for next year.”

Robyn also provided this absolute gem of a video even if it includes Drew Doughty. Are chickens birds??

by Michael MacGillivray