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Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames send Linden Vey to AHL



When Linden Vey was signed to a two-way contract in the offseason, it was assumed that he’d play sparsely for the Calgary Flames of he played at all. The move always looked like it was made more for Stockton depth than something tangible at the NHL level.

Still, he was called up and he played some games for Calgary. Those games were pretty unassuming and he looked very much outclassed against the league, constantly remaining a step slower than his competition. Today they announced that he was returning to the AHL.

This is good for two reasons – one, the organization remains more committed to the younger, more talented Hunter Shinkaruk who also has more ceiling. Two, this shows that Kris Versteeg is probably close to returning. There are rumbles that he could return as early as tomorrow, and if this is any indication it looks like those rumours might be true.

We'll just hope it is because that would be a huge upgrade to the Flames' lineup.

by Les Mavus