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Waivers: Goodbye Setoguchi

It looks like it's the end of the line for the former Shark/Wild/Jets and now Flames forward who has yet to do anything productive in his time with the Flames.



This broke this morning as I was leaving for work so apologies on the delay. Anyway, here is a moment of silence for a man who never did much in his tenure here with the Calgary Flames. A man who once scored many a goal as Joe Thornton’s finisher in San Jose. A man who has gone from the top line to the bottom and now probably the AHL.

A man of healthy scratches often this season already, we knew it was only a matter of time before this happened.

Here is a photo of happier times, hanging with his pal Jumbo Joe before the dark times:

In his tenure with the Flames, Gooch had:

With regards to his underlying numbers he was

He was given opportunities on every line of the team with virtually everyone on the roster and it never worked. PP time never succeeded for him and inherently limited other players from seeing PP time too. Is he better than much of the 4th line? Yes. Is he putting points on the board? No. Is he an actual impact on the ice? No.

If unclaimed, he'll report to the Baby Flames in Adirondack. With the emerging talent from our youth, a casualty was bound to occur. Hopefully he clicks in Adirondack if unclaimed, but it may be the end of his NHL career if he was unable to produce and stay in a Flames roster.

Good bye, Devin. We'll miss you.

by Mike Pfeil