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The 2nd Annual Matchsticks and Gasoline Stampede Meet-Up!



Who: You! And Me! Some other nerds!

What: Drinking, eating, laughing, social activities.

When: July 6th, 2012 at approximately 9PM – July 7th, 2012 at approximately 12PM

Where: Likely Molly Malone's, that's where we had it last year and it worked pretty well. If you have another (relatively central) suggestion I'm all ears.

Why: Does this really need to be asked?

RSVP in the thread. I want to see y'all out. We had a great time last year – there were probably 15 or so people out in total – and I'd like to replicate that this year.

I have it on good authority mike_H is buying everyone a round.

by Richard Hammond