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Calgary Flames

Latest Dive: The Week Ahead – October 20 to 26, 2011



Last week saw the Flames depart on their first road trip, and taking their talents to the east coast. Many overlooked the St. Louis Blues (myself included), and the Flames doubled up their loss total. The Blues could surprise this year if they can stay healthy. Another thing to consider, if Halak transforms from a yield sign to a stop sign once again… The big worry was that the Flames would fall to Montreal, who was playing host to the Flames in their home opener. The Flames ended up winning, albeit in warmer temperatures than the last time the two teams met. As Calgary departed to ‘The center of the universe and all things holy’, they hoped that the momentum would carry on, just like it has every October in previous years. The Dion was relatively quiet all night, especially in ‘Operation: Flatten Matt”. There will be a next time (I hope…)

New York (October 20, 2011)

Matchups to Watch: Brandon Prust vs Tim Jackman. Both of these players were/are loved by the Flames faithful. It’s just too bad that Darryl had schizophrenia when he was dealing with Prust. He changed his opinion more than Keenan did on practice times.

What To Expect: Boos. Lots and lots of boos. Erixon will fell the full brunt of the C of Red’s disgust after this summer. Doug Riseborough should be starting his ‘Thank You’ card anytime now…

Flames win if: Lundqvist takes his film noir styled fedora out to the bars and drinks like it’s the 40’s on Wednesday night.

Drinking Game of the Night: Every time that Lundqvist makes a save he shouldn’t, drink.

Nashville (October 22, 2011)

Matchups to watch: Rinne vs Kiprusoff. It’s almost a look into the past for Kiprusoff, as he isn’t quite the wall that he used to be. Rinne on the other hand is rock solid as they come. The only way to solve their matchup? Goalie fight!

What to expect: I’d expect to catch up on your sleep. The Nashville-Calgary series haven’t had much excitement outside of the Kipper vs Vokoun goalie fight. Yes, it’s going to be a boring one folks.

Flames Win if: Shea Weber only has a 5 o’ clock shadow, and Olli has his handlebar rocking.

Drinking Game of the Night: Every time that Barry Trotz has to turn his body to look the other way, drink.

Colorado (October 26, 2011)

Matchups to watch: Yip vs Moss. These two aren’t in the upper echelon of scorers on their teams, but will contribute from time to time. Plus, their names sound kind of cool when side by side. Almost opposites in a way. (Yeah, I’m kind of reaching for this one…)

What to Expect: The Avalanche are off to a hot start, shocking everyone. The Flames are off to a sluggish start, par for their course in October. I would expect a barrage of shots towards Varlamov/Giguere, with most coming from the outside. Stastny, Duchene, and Landeskog will give the Flames fits all night, with their speed and energy, only to be countered by the unstoppable OMG/S line. Olli will end up potting a goal, and shocking everyone with a new facial expression that has Shane O’ Brien wondering if he’s back in the Roxy.

Flames Win If: The calendar turns to February 14th, 2011.

Drinking Game of the Night: Any time that you wish we had some young top end talent like the Avs, drink.

by Travis Hilliard