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Monday’s Hot Coals: Waiting



With the rosters of most NHL clubs pretty much set for next season, it seems we are officially mired in the doldrums of the off-season. After signing Brendan Morrison to a one-year deal this past weekend, Jay Feaster has once again brought the Flames to within a hair’s breadth of the salary cap ceiling, negating any flexibility he had following the Regehr trade, and fans of the team now play the guessing game, waiting for him to move a body from the crowded centre ranks or the over-stuffed blueline and possibly open up a roster spot for a younger player or two.

Despite the fact that the Flames’ 23-man roster heading into 2011-12 looks to be quite similar to the one that closed out last season outside of the playoffs, there are still some question marks regarding how this team will perform. Without a doubt, losing Regehr makes them a worse team right off the bat, and all signs likely point to the Flames finishing in the bottom-half of the conference for a third consecutive season, but from now until October 8th when they hit the ice for their first regular season game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, we wait.

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by Hayley Mutch