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Calgary Flames

Time to Ruminate



With the Flames licking their wounds for the weekend, I think it’s a good time to take a look back at the year thus far. I’m chosen to do that by putting together a link-post featuring pieces that best sum up the season up to now and the issues that have proven to be important or enduring. Enjoy!

(From oldest to newest)

Flames Through 10 – M&G Roundtable

What Ails the Flames?

Flames in Bad Territory

What to like Thus far

Flames Scoring Chances Through 10

A Slice of Bouwmeester parts 1 and 2

Flames Scoring Chances, Games 1-20

Flames at the Quarter Pole

Corsi and Starting Position

Re-Sign Rene Bourque

Flames Scoring Chances Games 21-30

Flames Scoring Chances Rate and States

On Calgary's Offensive Woes

Flames Defenders shut-out of Olympic Squad

Flames Half Season Review

Colorado-Flames gamethread (Groundhog Day theme)

Flames Scoring Chances, Games 31-40

Flames shooting rate as a percentage of corsi

Flames Trade targets

by Kent Wilson