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Game 5 Review





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“Looking at my shoes? That’s a paddlin’. Looking out the window? That’s a paddlin’. Trying to win game 6 in Chicago? You better believe that’s a paddlin’…”

Yikes. I picked the right game to record and fast forward through. Not a lot of happy coming out last night’s contest for Flames fans. Their difference makers – from Iginla to Kiprusoff – were all pretty much overwhelmed. They gave up 3 goals in under 2 minutes in the first. They went down 3-2 in the series and now face two more elimination games (at best). And for that added cherry on top, Dion Phaneuf left the third period with an “undisclosed” injury. Yeah, so…not too optimistic going forward here.

After this game, one wonders if the persistant adulation surrounding Kipper is finally going to wear off. He’s been both good and bad in this series but never a real difference maker. He wasn’t the reason the Flames lost last night, but he’s also never been the reason they’ve won thus far either. Five games in and Kipper has the 14th best SV% of the 17 starters who’ve played in the post season. Unless he suddenly starts stringing together 40 save shut-outs to lead the Flames out of this first round, I can’t imagine anyone talking about him as an elite goalie – in Flamesland or the punditry – after this season comes to a close. The real question is – what does Calgary do about it?

by Kent Wilson