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Calgary Flames




Hard to blame the guys after that performance. On the second night of a B2B, playing only 11 forwards, the Flames managed 47 shots on net and fundamentally outplayed the Cancuks in practically every way (aside from the one that matters most). Luongo and the goalposts won that game for Vancouver last night, and the Flames should take some comfort in that. The PP is still a problem and I have quibbles on an individual level in terms of performance, but the club as a whole played a pretty damn impressive game. If that's the Flames team that shows up consistently going foward, they should be fine.

The NW division is still within reach, but one wonders if the Flames should perhaps focus on resting some of the big boys before the end of the season. Kiprusoff, Iginla and Phaneuf come to mind here. The team isn't going to gain much by winning the NW, aside from bragging rights and a few more home dates. Playing the money players into the ground to beat Edmonton and finish third may just be a pyrrhic victory at this point. As Matt says, there isn't much to choose between CBJ or CHI at this point.

by Kent Wilson