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Calgary Flames

Embrace the Chase: 14 Games Remaining



Continuing to update the Calgary Flames chase for a playoff berth.

-Despite being in 7th overall currently, the Phoenix Coyotes are actually on pace to finish 8th overall with a points percentage of .559 compared to the San Jose Sharks .568

-The Coyotes are on pace for 92 points and currently hold the tiebreak over Calgary based on end of season tiebreak procedure, ROW then Total Wins.

-In order for the Flames to finish with 93 points they'll need to go roughly 9-4-1 over their last 14.

-Of the 1 remaining games, 8 are at home and 6 are on the road.

-Flames have 2 back-to-backs left on the schedule. March 15/16 vs. Phoenix @Edmonton then March 30/31 vs. Colorado @Vancouver. Expect Leland Irving to play at least one of those road games. I’m sure the Vancouver game will depend on the Flames chances. lists the Flames playoff chances at 35.3%.

-On tonight's schedule, Flames fans should be cheering for San Jose, Anaheim and Edmonton to win in regulation.

-On this day in 2011 the Flames had risen to 5th place in the Western Conference before going on a 2-5-2 run that essentially eliminated them from playoff contention.

-It's also important for the Flames to keep winning in Regulation or Overtime due to those wins being the first tiebreak… and due to the fact they seem to keep losing in the shootouts, giving up far too many extra points of late.

-For a more in-depth look at the Flames hunt for the playoffs, look no further than Mitch's post from earlier today.

by Scott