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Hot Talk: All Flames need now are wins

‘I think the Calgary Flames’ confidence is the highest it’s been. They’ve simplified their game a bit.’



Craig Ellingson: OMG look at the wildcard race. Just three-to-four games to go for each of these teams. And the Flames have the most favourable schedule of the three, too.

Steve Macfarlane: I’m not so sure they do. Vancouver (Calgary visits them Saturday night at 8 p.m.) has been pretty good recently and Nashville is a hard out. The Flames better win those to get to the ‘easy’ one against the Sharks.

And there’s that pesky tiebreaker the Jets own, too. So the Flames need to beat them both outright in points.

Craig: There’s no question the Flames need to win out the rest of the way here. With Nashville nipping at their heels even moreso now, anything less than a win would likely mean coming up short.

That win in Wednesday over Winnipeg was a big one, obviously. What did you see from the Flames in overcoming going down early only to comeback to take the lead and hold on for the W?

Steve: I saw a few key moments that showed some of that mental resiliency and belief we have not seen until recently with the Flames side. Some huge stops from Jacob Markstrom. A big response scoring shortly after Nikita Zadorov’s first goal was overturned for goalie interference.

They just looked like a team that would not be denied.

Craig: What are the chances they can win the next three in a row? That would make it a four-game win streak, something they did just last week.

Steve: The one last week was the first time all year after months of barely being able to string only one or two wins together at a time.

Still, I think the Calgary Flames' confidence is the highest it’s been. They’ve simplified their game a bit. It’s not out of the question.

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