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The Daily: Flames’ Nazem Kadri talk, Carlson’s gruesome injury with Caps

The Calgary Flames haven’t enjoyed the Nazem Kadri we saw so much of in last year’s Stanley Cup season with the Avalanche. James Reimer takes and more.



The Calgary Flames need more from Nazem Kadri. Among many others. But outside of his disappointing performance on the ice this season after a hot start, people would prefer others keep his name out they mouths. (You have to read that in Will Smith's voice to make it work). James Reimer fully mouthed it while trying to defend his character while proactively addressing his reason for not wanting to wear the San Jose Sharks Pride jersey this weekend. Meanwhile, Washington Capitals defenceman had a skull fracture and severed artery after taking a slapshot in the head. Yikes. 

Calgary Flames

Craig Ellingson and I talked a little about the Nazem Kadri 'lull' this season after setting career highs with the Avalanche last year and winning the Stanley Cup. This was before the Elliotte Friedman podcast. 

Kadri didn't play a lot of minutes in another frustrating overtime loss on Saturday. 

Let's make this a triple-Kadri section, after San Jose Sharks goalie James Reimer mentioned Kadri's Muslim faith as a bit of a character reference after refusing to wear the Sharks Pride jersey

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