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Vladar to start: Markstrom’s Lava Skull Mask Must Wait for Flames Debut

One of the coolest parts of the Calgary Flames third jerseys is the mask goalie Jacob Markstrom had made for the black setup. But Dan Vladar is expected to start on Blasty night.



Jacob Markstrom’s 'Blasty' gear is going to have to wait a couple more days for its debut for the Calgary Flames. 

But man it's going to be worth the wait. 

For people who enjoy the aesthetics of hockey, Markstrom's new black-themed gear to go along with both the horse head (better known as Blasty) third jersey and the new pedestal style reverse retros is straight fire. 

Especially the lid. 

Markstrom's traditional skull mask has been re-envisioned by airbrush artist Jordon Bourgeault. In Bourgeault's own words via instagram, it's a “lava rock skull design with liquid magma teeth and molten lava.” There is a haunting Blasty image on the top, and the back includes Markstrom's Swedish nods with Pappa and the Tre Kronor on the plate. 

Even the straps have been hand painted to match. 

The protective eye wiring is black on the outside, but white on the inside — which is Markstrom's preference for vision. 

The Blasty jersey will be sported a dozen times this season. Tonight against the Florida Panthers is the debut for the thirds threads. 

But the Markstrom mask and gear will only be seen on the bench with backup Dan Vladar starting for the third time in four games. Markstrom is your likely starter on Thursday against the Montreal Canadiens — another Blasty night. 

Vladar has been solid this season but has just one win. Markstrom is the workhorse but it's also been hard to ignore the individual performances by the backup. 

Head coach Darryl Sutter has been more unpredictable this season when it comes to goalie usage. 

Blasty from the Past

Calgary Flames third jersey nights

  • November 29 vs. Florida
  • December 1 vs. Montreal
  • December 16 vs. St. Louis
  • January 18 vs. Colorado
  • January 21 vs. Tampa Bay
  • January 23 vs. Columbus
  • January 26 vs. Chicago
  • February 28 vs. Boston
  • March 2 vs. Toronto
  • March 4 vs. Minnesota
  • March 23 vs. Vegas
  • March 25 vs. San Jose

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