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The Butler Did It — Monahan Names Former Flames Player Behind Parody Twitter Account



Calgary Flames Sean Monahan

The Twitter account is legendary in Calgary Flames circles. And beyond. It follows nobody. But nearly 55,000 people wait for every word typed out on the profile.

And now that its namesake has new life with the Montreal Canadiens, we finally have confirmation of what has long been suspected.

The Boring Sean Monahan (@boringmonahan) tweets that started when the former Calgary Flames sniper was a rookie were the brainchild of Chris Butler.

While showing more of his personality than he did in Calgary, Sean Monahan revealed his thoughts in a video shared by the Habs. He named Butler as the guy who gave birth to it all.

“I’m pretty sure a guy who I played with my first year started that. This guy Chris Butler,” Monahan said in the video. “It was stuff that was happening on the plane and things that no one else would know.”

Butler was the prime suspect among those who followed the team back then, although a loyal Calgary Flames locker-room gag order kept the players from leaking the true source of the parody account.

The humour is as dry as the toast the account claims Monahan eats religiously for breakfast – although he denied it in the video.

“I don’t know what that’s all about. I honestly rarely even eat toast — ever,” Monahan told the Canadiens’ content team.

But he does throw back the legendary Bell Centre hot dogs.

“I’m usually good for two to three after a game here.”

Monahan’s monotone delivery and short answers in dealing with the media quickly triggered the inside joke. It has been suggested that Brian McGrattan was another player from that season who helped provide content for the account.

Who knows how many times it has passed hands since then. Butler went to the St. Louis Blues the following season and hasn’t played since 2019. McGrattan was a teammate for a couple more years and eventually landed back with the Flames in a development role.

Someone (or perhaps many) continues to keep the account alive. It has been active over the years. Picking newsy spots for its commentary on Monahan’s life and career, or the actions of those around him.

He asked Johnny Gaudreau if he was happy after scoring the series-clinching goal in Game 7 this spring. Most recently, he asked former Calgary Flames and new Habs teammate Paul Byron if he likes toast.

There’s one problem with Monahan’s giddy new persona, reinvigorated by the trade and his health. He may no longer be … boring.