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2022 M&G Top 25 Under 25: Intro and Voting

Our annual summer series kicks off once again



It’s been two weeks since free agency and just over a week since the massive franchise altering Matthew Tkachuk trade. As we move into the slower part of the offseason, we will be kicking off our 7th annual Matchsticks and Gasoline Top 25 Under 25 series!

Once again we will be asking for your help in ranking the Flames players using a simple 1 through 10 scale, with 1 at the lowest end and 10 at the top. You can find the link below. Voting will be open until Saturday.

We are back to our normal timeframe of starting roughly three weeks after free agency (first post will come over the weekend/early next week) after a couple of years of different timings due to the pandemic affecting the NHL calendar.

This year promises to be one of the most interesting lists with a number of top players either aging out of the system or moving on including each of the top three spots in last year’s list opening up.

In fact, of the 44 players we ranked last year, 14 have since either left the organization or aged out of consideration for this list. 6 players have filled in leaving us with 36 players to rank this year.

We will be using August 1 as the cutoff for ages of players (in case there is any confusion). Should the Flames make any major transactions over the course of the series, we will attempt to add the players into the list as it is in progress.


Here is the entire list of eligible players:

Here are the players who left the list this season and their ranking last year if they were in the Top 25:

Aged Out: Justin Kirkland, Connor Mackey (9), Rasmus Andersson (3), Noah Hanifin (2), Glenn Gawdin (14), Adam Werner, Oliver Kylington (15), Johanness Kinnvall (22)

Traded: Matthew Tkachuk (1), Emil Heineman (23)

Terminated/Unsigned: Dmitri Zavgorodny (20), Ryan Francis (18), Eetu Tuulola, Tyler Parsons (24)

That’s 11 ranked players also moving on, leaving lots of room for guys to move up.

Here is the link again:

Thank you for voting!

by Michael MacGillivray