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Calgary Flames

The Tinderbox, Ep. 78: The Flames Five Game Week, Jacob Markstrom Love & Things That Shouldn’t Be Done At The Rink

Should adults be asking players for souvenirs? We think not.



The Tinderbox Podcast

After that week the Flames had there’s a lot to discuss for sure! Mark, Michael and Gordie breakdown the five games the Flames played, plus give Jacob Markstrom a little love, talk Auston Matthews and look at some things you shouldn’t do at a hockey rink.

Episode 78: Hosted by Mark, Michael and Gordie

-Recapping the Flames 5 games in 7 days

-Jacob Markstrom is good

-Auston Matthews suspended


-Are outdoor games getting stale?

-Jack Eichel’s return to Buffalo

-Our changes we’d make to the game

-Sticks and pucks for adults?


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by Mark Parkinson